NCS Website Development

Effective, Creative Website Designs to Enhance Our Partner’s Online Presence. 

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Website Development Process

Step 1

The NCS website development process starts with a quick intake meeting. Things discussed in this meeting is determining the goals of the website, the size of the project, and design direction. 

Setp 2

With intake and an overview of the project complete, it's time to nail down the details. Total page count, general description of each page's content, source of images, and much more is discussed to create a foundation plan for the project. 

Step 3
Rough Draft

This rough draft will be mainly focused on the website's structure, layout, and major design choices like color palette and backgrounds. 

Step 4
Client Feedback

NCS wants to create websites our clients are proud to use, so we want your input on the design direction. We will present our rough draft and ask for feedback to adjust any part of the site to meet your business's needs. 

Step 5
Going Live and Monthly Maintenance

The final step of NCS's website development process, going live! But once live, the work isn't complete. Monthly Maintenance is required in order to keep your website running smoothly.

Tasks accomplished in these monthly maintenances:

  • WordPress updates.
  • Plug in security checks.
  • Ensuring major site features function seamlessly like contact forms. 

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