Tech Tip #1: Email Phishing 101

Email phishing is a deceptive practice where scammers send fraudulent emails impersonating legitimate organizations to extract personal information, financial details, or login credentials. These emails often mimic the style, logo, and language of well-known companies and may include links to fake websites that look authentic. Common methods include creating a sense of urgency, such as a false security alert or a 'limited time offer', and exploiting familiarity by pretending to be from a trusted source or a contact within your network.In addition the email phishing 101s, it's essential…


UniFi Surveillance

Network Computer Solutions offers a wide variety of services, but in today’s world, security is needed now more than ever. Protecting your investment should be top priority for any organization.   Using state of the art hardware from our friends at Ubiquiti, Network Computer Solutions offers an extensive array of Unifi Protect products. We can install and maintain both indoor and outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, Bullet cameras, and Dome cameras. NCS offers a wide array of mounting options for devices as well; ceiling mounts, wall mounts, and pole…



BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a great opportunity and challenge for businesses. With the right approach to identifying BYOD risks and developing effective BYOD policies, you can take advantage of BYOD without adding significant risks. A BYOD security policy is required if the company allows employees to use their computing devices for work, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Initially, employees at work used only equipment provided by the company. Today, smartphones and tablets are widespread in the consumer market, with almost all employees working on devices…


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