Newsletter #2 – Feb 2024

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Dear Valued Clients and Partners,


Welcome to the February edition of NCS’s monthly newsletter.


This month, we spotlight the latest in IT advancements that can elevate your operational efficiency and competitiveness.


As always, our goal is to arm you with insights and tips that are not only informative but also directly applicable across various industries. We’re here to support your journey through the evolving digital world, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

In Today’s Email:

    • Featured Blog:🛡️Kansas Cybersecurity Trends: How To Keep Your Business Safe in 2024

    • Tech Tip #2:🔐Why You Shouldn’t Save Passwords in Web Browsers

    • Celebrating:🧹💻National Clean out your computer day

    • Technician’s Choice of The Month:🏁Phishing attacks using QR code are rising — here’s how to stay safe.

Featured Blog:

Kansas Cybersecurity Trends: How To Keep Your Business Safe in 2024

As digital threats evolve, Kansas businesses must adapt swiftly to safeguard their operations. Our latest blog explores emerging Midwest cybersecurity challenges and provides actionable strategies to fortify your defenses. From combating sophisticated phishing attacks to implementing robust data protection protocols, learn how to shield your business against the latest cyber dangers. Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate 2024’s cybersecurity landscape confidently.

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Background of a city with virtual overlays of locks, showing cybersecurity of businesses.

Tech Tip #2:

Why You Shouldn’t Save Passwords in Web Browsers

Storing passwords in web browsers is a double-edged sword. It may offer quick access to your favorite sites, but it also leaves a gap in your digital armor. Cyber intruders can exploit this to access personal and professional accounts if they breach your computer. Shift to safer shores by adopting a dedicated password manager, such as Passportal, which encrypts your credentials far beyond a browser’s capability. Remember, the security of your digital life is worth more than a few seconds saved.

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National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

National Clean Out Your Computer Day was observed on February 12th, but it’s never too late to tidy up your digital workspace. If you haven’t had the chance yet, take some time to delete old files, organize your documents, and update your software to keep everything running smoothly. Not only will this help in improving your computer’s speed, but it’ll also give you a fresh start for more efficient and productive workdays ahead!

Phishing Attacks Using QR Code Are Rising — Here’s How to Stay Safe.

After a thorough examination of our Technician’s Choice Thursday articles this month, this particular piece has captured our attention and stood out for its relevance and urgency. This article dives into the increasing trend of QR code-related phishing attacks, detailing how these deceptive tactics are being used to compromise business security. It not only explores the mechanics behind these attacks but also offers valuable advice on how businesses can safeguard their operations. Highlighting the significance of staying informed and proactive in cybersecurity practices, this piece is deemed essential reading by our team for its practical insights and protective strategies.

Learn more here: Phishing attacks using QR code are rising — here’s how to stay safe