Newsletter #3 – March 2024

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Dear Valued Clients and Partners,


Welcome to the March edition of NCS’s monthly newsletter.


This month, we’re focusing on the critical topics of business continuity and data backups—an essential pillar in safeguarding your operational resilience. In today’s fast-paced digital environment, ensuring your business remains uninterrupted and your data is secure, is not just important—it’s imperative.


As always, our commitment is to provide you with insights and strategies that are not merely informative but are immediately actionable and relevant across a multitude of industries.

In Today’s Email:

  • Featured Blog: 💻☁️Empower Your Business’s Data Defense: COVE’s Advanced Backup and Recovery Solutions 

  • Tech Tip #3: 🔑Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Strong, Unpredictable Passwords.

  • Celebrating: ♻️💻National Data Backup Day

  • Technician’s Choice of The Month: 🏥Ransomware’s Appetite for US Healthcare Sees Known Attacks Double in a Year

Featured Blog:

Empower Your Business’s Data Defense: COVE’s Advanced Backup and Recovery Solutions

This month’s highlight is our deep dive into COVE Data Protection. As businesses increasingly rely on digital data, the importance of robust backup solutions has never been greater. Our latest blog post unpacks the cutting-edge features of COVE, from seamless Microsoft 365 integration to cost-effective pricing models. Discover how COVE empowers businesses with unparalleled data security and recovery options, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted. Equip your business with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of data protection confidently.


Learn More Here

A laptop with a cloud shaped filling cabinet coming out of the screen.

Tech Tip #3:

Enhance Your Cybersecurity with Strong, Unpredictable Passwords

In a digital world filled with security risks, the power of your password cannot be understated. This month’s tech tip delves into the art of crafting strong, unpredictable passwords—a simple yet crucial step in fortifying your online defenses. Explore the essentials of password security and discover how to protect your digital presence against evolving cyberthreats.

Learn More Here


National Data Backup Day!

National Data Backup Day was yesterday on March 31st, reminding us of the crucial step in protecting our digital lives: regular data backups. While it’s easy to overlook, consistently backing up your data ensures that you’re prepared for any unexpected data loss or system failures. Use this day as a prompt to secure your important files, photos, and documents by creating copies in a safe, separate location. Embrace this practice to safeguard your valuable digital assets and enjoy peace of mind in your digital endeavors!

Ransomware’s Appetite for US Healthcare Sees Known Attacks Double in a Year

In this month’s Technician’s Choice Thursday highlight, we delve into the alarming escalation of ransomware attacks on the US healthcare sector, which have doubled over the past year. This pivotal article sheds light on the tactics endangering healthcare data and underscores the critical need for advanced cybersecurity defenses. It’s a compelling read, with actionable advice on how to safeguard against these cyber threats.


Elevate your cybersecurity and learn more here: Ransomware’s appetite for US healthcare sees known attacks double in a year | Malwarebytes