Technology Onboarding & Offboarding

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  • Post last modified:April 2, 2024

Technology Onboarding/Offboarding Troubles? Are you currently using a checklist as part of your new employment or termination procedure? These defined steps are very important to the business and the employee. Here are some reasons why: 


A new employee understands that the first day of a new job is usually just a stack of paperwork and training. In fact, most people do not even get to perform the work they were hired to do on Day 1. It can be very discouraging for the new hire and may give a perplexed first impression of the Business’s efficiency. Having documentation, defined by all departments, for each new hire will increase efficiency on Day 1 and help give a positive first impression. Our IT onboarding checklist can ensure each new hire has the appropriate equipment (hardware and software) and access needed to perform the tasks appointed to them. This same checklist can be used in the event you need to offboard or terminate an employee. 


No matter the reason of departure, when an employee leaves the business, it is vital to offboard them appropriately. An improper offboarding leaves the business and the departing employee vulnerable to unnecessary risk and security breaches. The NCS onboarding documents play a significant role in this, as the rights given to the individual were listed when they were added to your system, thus easier to remove. This list is critical when decommissioning them from the system and ensures we check off all the boxes. 

Reasons to Offboard 

  • They may still have remote access to your data. 

  • If they are leaving under poor conditions, they may act maliciously. 

  • The employee should want to be decommissioned properly to eliminate any liability they would have if the network were compromised. 

  • If that employee was compromised personally and used the same password elsewhere it may grant outside access to your network to nefarious individuals.  

  • From a management perspective, it reduces licensing costs and keeps system users clean. 

This onboarding/offboarding documentation is standard practice for NCS. If your business is interested in having a discussion with our team to see how we can make your technology onboarding and offboarding more efficient, please contact our team at