UniFi Surveillance

Unifi surveillance cameras lined up, a display of options.

Network Computer Solutions offers a wide variety of services, but in today’s world, security is needed now more than ever. Protecting your investment should be top priority for any organization.


Using state of the art hardware from our friends at Ubiquiti, Network Computer Solutions offers an extensive array of Unifi Protect products. We can install and maintain both indoor and outdoor cameras, PTZ cameras, Bullet cameras, and Dome cameras. NCS offers a wide array of mounting options for devices as well; ceiling mounts, wall mounts, and pole mounts; the options are endless. Whatever space you need a view on. NCS can provide as many angles needed to protect your investments. We will ensure that you’re satisfied with the view that your cameras will provide.


Our expertise is not just limited to mounting cameras. We also can provide the backend networking and cabling to ensure the products are installed securely and cleanly. This ensures that cameras are unable to be tampered with and stay hidden from most eyes. As for our networking practices, we can make sure cameras are viewable from any location. These options allow viewing from your local network internally, any computer from the internet using a secure login via UniFi Protect website, or from your Android or iOS device using the UniFi Protect mobile App. We can also configure alerting to keep you in the know when motion thresholds are met.


Every system out there is virtually useless without some form of recording, unless you have a 24hr security team watching the live feed around the clock. Systems implemented by Network Computer Solutions can be setup with an on-premise Network Video Recorder (NVR) for accessing recorded scenes at a later date. Not only does an NVR allow you to record your camera’s footage, but with an NVR you can save footage, take screenshots, set time schedules, create motion profiles, and much more. All from a single user-friendly interface. The NVR also acts a controller. You can use this camera controller to manage cameras for maintenance like image configuration, night vision settings, rebooting, and firmware updating. Network Computer Solutions can also help keep your system maintained by performing audits to ensure your cameras and your NVR system are kept up to date on the latest Firmware and can manage your storage to ensure your cameras will capture every crucial moment.